Yesterday, I came up with a theme for the Independent Study.
It is a FANTASY-GAME theme.

Here are some references from games;


Eternal Sonata/PS3

The Last Story/Wii

I want to draw different places in many different moods and tones.
For example, the colorful forest, the messy electronic city, and other funny shapes of lands.
So, I will base this game on my works in Layout Design II.
I will develop the story and backgrounds as concept arts to make it seems like more a game.
(but I’m not going to make this game for real, i’m not capable doing it yet.)


The Synopsis for the game

The story is about a little rabbit who was lost with others and was being hunted by the robot farmers. These robots captured all the flying rabbits and forced them to eat special carrots for experiments. The little rabbit was seeking for help when he saw an chubby old man in a woody cottage. Finally, he was able to return back to his friends and scared those farmers away.


The little rabbit who can fly with his long white fluffy winged ears :)

(Click to see a full-view picture)

The robot farmer who captures all the rabbits to his farm.

(Click to see a full-view picture)

The chubby old man who lives alone in the woody house at the middle of floating island.

(Click to see a full-view picture)

Old Background Designs

Floating island

Interior of the Cottage

(Click to see a full-view picture)

(Click to see a full-view picture)

These are my previous works from last trimester which I want to use as my inspiration.

I’ll post some drafts of my development next week XD