Last week, I decided to work on a fantasy-game theme for my background painting. But after I talked to my adviser, I thought it’d be better if I develop the designing of the game further.


I think an adventure-RPG with a side-scrolling platform is a good idea for me.
Then, I have to think about what style should I use.

According to, A side-scrolling game or side-scroller is a video game in which the gameplay action is viewed from a side-view camera angle, and the onscreen characters generally move from the left side of the screen to the right. These games make use of scrolling computer display technology.
So I researched within the 2D side-scrolling game, basically (e.g. Mario, Castlevania, Sonic and Maple Story).

(left – Mario/PC, right – Castelvania/Gameboy Advance)

There is a term “Metroidvania”, according to, it use used for describe side-scrolling games with large, open worlds, new areas of which are accessible only with certain items or powerups. This term is named after the two most famous series to make use of the format, Metroid and (later) Castlevania.

Then, the game that just pops up in my head is Valkyrie Profile 2 which I used to play on PS 2.
This side-scrolling game in normal mode, it’s almost like a 2.5D side-scrolling game but then it’s using 3D platform in fighting mode. Somehow I think it’s strange for using 3D technology like this but what I like about this game is not only I can walk left and right, I also can walk a little bit of backward and forward. Moreover, the 3D world settings has more depth and dynamic that attracts gamers very well.

(up – Valkyrie Profile 2/PS2)

‘2.5D Side-Scrolling game’ is the last side-scrolling game type.
It’s a 3D side-scrolling game lives in 2D movements which can also walk back and forth, not just left or right.
The clearest examples of 2.5D I can think of is Little Big Planet and Shadow Complex.

(up-Little Big Planet/PSP)

(up – Shadow Complex/Xbox 360)


Mostly, I don’t want to do 3D-based games even if it opens more options to play such as walk in different routes (not only left and right) and changing camera angles. I like the feeling of the 2D drawings more than 3D.

For my game design, I want to categorize the world in the game into 2 sections which are adventure and explorer.

Firstly, for adventure section, it is when the rabbit is running from the robots. I want to do a normal 2D side-scrolling platform. What I’ve been thinking of adventure section is not only running for left to right or right to left but I want to be more like Little Big Planet as I’ve shown above but use 2D instead of 3D. It has some little bits of puzzle in the game. For example, when the rabbits is running from the robots, he goes down the ladder and hits the trap switch or something like that. However, there will be coins and items to find and collect throughout the adventure mode. The coin and items would be in various places. It can be on the path that we already are running. It can be in the background behind decorations or even behind the foreground that we are passing.
To play in this section, the rabbit will be able to crawl, tiptoe, dash, run, jump, swing, swim, fly, or even pretend to be dead, hahaha~. Anything and any ways that I can use for rabbit to run from the robots including climbing up and down or switch on the trap.

Another section of the game is explorer mode. It is going to feel like a Role-Playing Game when the character reaches a village and buys stuffs or listens stories from town’s people. I want to use a game called Machinarium as my reference of this section. I like the way game designer draws his 2D world. When we walk through Machinarium‘s world, there is a parallax between foreground and background. It makes the 2D game more attractive. In my game, the rabbit will be able to talk with people to seek for information and shopping in the store :D

I love when I play a game that I can collect like secret graphics, clips, or characters in the game. For the rabbit game, the store will sell some items like ‘Life-up’ or ‘Speedy’ and also trade the items, that collects from adventure sections, to the secret things that mentioned above.

To go to another adventure or explorer sections, there’s always a door or any types of exit from the section we’re in. In adventure mode, mostly we cannot go back the way we came. Oppositely for explorer sections, once we passed a town we still can come back by using a transportation … or maybe selecting places from a world map might be easier, I don’t know yet.

I want to make the game that feels fun and enjoy to come play again as many as possible.

REFERENCES for different worlds in the game (I should come up with a title for my game real soon…)
‘Worlds’ in the game means the different islands that floating in the sky.
I have 4 main worlds and many levels in each world (may be 10 or 12); The evergreen world for the rabbits, the colorful world for the peaceful old man, the dusty electric farm for robot farmers, and a mystery island for mini games and collections.

For the evergreen island would be something like the planet in Super Mario Galaxy but bigger.

And the colorful world for the man is inspire by APAK Studio

For the robot’s world, I like the Machinarium‘s style the most !

The last mystery world, it still in a stage of idea development…
I want it looks really mysterious and so random of settings.

I’ll upload my sketches next post >w<!
(… because I still have few sketches, sorry TT^TT)