As I have told before, there are two types of game-play in this game; adventure mode and explorer mode.
This entry will be overall about what I have been sketched for the ideas, especially the robot world.

Example for walking path; the main path that can walk is usually only left to right. However, if there’s any particular special path, there will be a notification pops up on the screen as in the picture above – press UP to climb the ladder.
In each map, there always has one or two items that can obtain, it may be use in the next map or use for get more important things.

In this map, it is an example map and directions in the map. The rabbit, which is controlled by the player, can move around to collect items and solve the puzzle in this map. At first, I think I will use this type of map for the main game-play but it will be almost the same for every map like this and will bring a boredom to players. So, I think that it would be more fun if I make this a mini-game.
A mini-game is a short game-play that can be select to play only in a story mode in order to unlock something like a hint for that particular map.
To play in this map, the player controls the rabbit to the exit. The player has only maximum of 3 life points and once it decreases, the player can collect the blinking heart in the map to gain more life. In some place, it might seem to be a dead end which needs some tricks to continue the path as in the picture above. If he push the button-like floor, the wooden floor will drop down and the path will be no longer end.

Another idea of the world is for an explorer mode, where the player can go for information of the games and mini-games. In this picture, the red arrow shows the paths where connects to another maps that player can go in. This map is an idea sketch for the rabbit world.


[Top] The game starts with a bunch of rabbits stays recklessly in a back of a truck. The controllable character is the rabbit that stands confused at the far top left of the screen. The player can move rabbit around to talk with other rabbits. So once you talked with those rabbits, you will know that you are in the robot world. Other rabbits believe that they’re captured to be an experimental at the main tower in this world.
Once you observe around the box at the bottom right corner, you will receive a ball, which is a key item. Key item is an important item which needs to be use later in order to win the game. This is the first time the player will realize that they can collect things in the map.
After talked to everyone, one rabbit will say that you should try to bite that broken cage at the window. You go to the window and it will change to another screen. This is like a mini game which the player has to push the button to raise the gauge and try not to make the rabbit’s faint by keep an eye on the rabbit’s expression. Once you finished the mini game, there will be a cut-scene about the rabbit’s escaping.

The next map that player will play is the robot town. The rabbit will be at the left of the screen. You can see that the robots are all around and there’s also a notice poster about rabbit’s experiment. In this map, you have to collect another two key items which are a rope and a piece of wood. A rope can get from the first box and the piece of wood is on the top of the big box. Once you get everything in your hand, go to the first box and there will be a sign says “Set the trap? Yes or No”. After you choose yes, a trap is set and the rabbit is carrying the other end of the rope. You have to be fast and get the right timing for move from one hiding place to another one. Once you reach the center of the screen, the rabbit will automatically pull the rope to get robots’ attention to the ball. At this moment, you have to run fast to the back of the poster stand. After you reach here, you’ll be capture by a robot that comes in front of you.

In the beginning of this map, you will see the robot is throwing the rabbit inside the special jail. You see that in this map, there is a stair at the top left corner which is the exit.

It begins with the right map where looks like in the special jail. The rabbit finds other rabbits in there too and you have to get out of here as soon as possible before the machine operates. In this map, you have to go examine the broken robot, then you will get the hand of the robot as a key item.
The left map is the next screen when you come near the door, which the notification will pop up and says “press X to look through the door”.  It is the rabbit’s point of view from inside the jail. You have to you the grabbing hand to hit the machine on the right side. Then, the robot will turn and take a look at the machine. He will take the keys out. At this moment, you the hand to knock down the robot. If you do it at right moment, he will faint and you will get the jail key :)

next entry is a sketch for the 2nd world and might add the edit parts :)