In the room that the rabbit was captured in the experimental tower.
There will be no other rabbits but junks from robots (which as same as what I mentioned before).
He has to use the guard robot hand to grab the metal box and it has the key inside (following picture).
After he unlocks the door, don’t forget to take the metal box (that you’ve grab from the guard robot) with you. The upper right corner in this map has a dim light. If you look closely, there is a string that you can interactive with. (I’m thinking about using a different curser to indicate that you can do something with this object) Go click on the string, the light bulb will shake and fall with the string. Take the string and go upstairs.
The next room is a junk room, where the robots put all unused/unwanted stuffs here.
Don’t just walk pass. Get the fan out of stacked junk.
Once you go to the next map, you’ll reach a dead end where exit is the sky. If you get every key items to make a flying machine (the metal box, the string, and the fan), there will be a notification in front of your screen states “Make a Flying Machine?”.
Answer YES, and you will fly to another floating island.
You arrive in the rainbow forest. In this place, there are 4 similar forest maps, some have one way to walk but some have 2 intersections.
To find the exit, you have to follow the path that has different colors of rocks. Don’t forget to pick up the rocks. It’s really important! Those rocks are 7 rainbow rocks in 7 colors, which lay beside the intersection. There is one map where the old wooden box lays. Pick up the box. It is going to be usable after. After you come out of the forest, the rabbit sees a little cottage in front of him and wants to ask for rescue.
If you choose up, you go to the dead end aside the river.
If you choose to go left, you go to this map where the old wooden box is.
The exit is the path to the cottage.
In front of the cottage, the arc window is highly above the rabbit. He wants to get an attention from anyone who is inside the cottage and wishes to be help from robots. You have to make the rabbit jumps high enough to knock the flower pot down.
This map is similar to where the rabbit had to bite the cage in the truck at the beginning of the game. Watch the gauge reaches the maximum level and hit the button. You should be able to knock the pot down after 4-5 times of jumping. However, if you picked up the old wooden box from earlier, there is a notification states “Use the old wooden box?”.
After you’ve got in the house, you can explore a bit in any area in the house. The rabbit will explain that he has been chased from the robots and need a place to hide. The old man will calm you down and says it’s alright, just go to the basement.
He will take you to hide at the basement. You will hear the robots’ noise passes by the cottage. The noise is getting farer away and you can go upstair when there’s no longer any noise of robots.
Now, on the ground floor, walk down to another map which reveals another side of the house. Try to examine in every area. You’ll see the picture of the old man with his rabbits and the small missing rabbit posters on the wall. Yes, he also lost his rabbits to the robots. On the bookcase, there’re many books about plants and fantasy myth about plants.
Take a look at the top shelve, you will receive a strange-looking plant in a pot. The old man will say that he got this plant from the forest and it seems like it’s going to die soon.
Remember the rainbow rocks? This is another mini-game. You have to put the rocks on the plant. The secret power in the rocks will in crease growth rate of the plant. On the screen, you can move the cursor to select where you want to put the rocks. Place the rocks from bottom left to top right. If the rocks are placed at the right parts of the plant, the plant will grow more. After the plant grows at the maximum rate, it will transform back into rainbow rocks again. But this time, it goes within you. The rabbit gets the special skills that he can use. On the bottom right of the screen, the circle ring with rainbow rocks pops up. You can roll around to choose which one you wants to use.
Once you finish looking around, go talk with the old man. He will thank you about helping the plant. He had been finding the way to cure the plant. He will ask you more about what you are going to do with it, once it’s yours now. Then, he will suggest you about disguise as a robot to go inside the robot world and help your friends. He will say that he’ll be glad if you can find anything in this house to help you disguise. After finished talking, go to the basement.
At the basement, there’s only a light from above. Try to click on everything you can. There are few gags here to keep the game’s interesting. If you click on the ball at top left, the ball falls on the rabbits head. If you click on a controller at the bottom right, the rabbit sits down and plays game, then You will receive a hat, a top of the lamp, and a grabbing hand for disguise. Once everything is prepared, the rabbit is ready to go back to the robot world.
And the adventure continues …
That is the end of the project in this trimester :)
Next entry I’ll post my finish paintings.