Since this post, there will be about my thesis development.
It will be categorized as Final Project I (pre-production) and Final Project II (production and post-production).

On last break until in the beginning of trimester, I have so many ideas and stories for thesis.
One of them is The Old Man and The Rabbit as a full-developed game. Unfortunately, I cannot do it due to the short period of time and too many things that are not under control such as programmer, game tests, sound engineer, bunches of animation and backgrounds. It makes me decide to do a short animation instead.

Here is the list of stories and ideas which I’ve thought about;
– The Old Man and The Rabbit * >> it’s hard to make the story better…
– Folding Paper/ Origami
– People’s perspective toward one.
– One Lie *
– Unnecessary things
– Balloon girl *
– Chocolate Thesis (lol)
– The Romance of The Deaf and The Uneducated *
– Purple Hyacinth *** I chose to develop this one as my short animation.

* = the story that already has beginning, middle, and ending.


First, I wanted to do something sarcastic to the society because I have many strong messages to convey them out. Doing that, I have to take a different styles of drawing, which I would like to. However, I could not make it simpler and shorter within deadline including I had a  new shorter story coming up in my mind. It was “Purple Hyacinth“.


I’ll talk about it in the next post.