Purple Hyacinth.
Once it used to be a meadow hill, which is covering by purple hyacinths, in the story as the climax of the story.
Also, the story was a lot more complicated in terms of animation and story’s inner messages.

The purple hyacinth itself means “I am sorry” or “Please, forgive me”.

For the first meeting, the story was so dream-like and kind of surreal.
The scenes were changed randomly when the character goes through places.
This story was about a girl who wants to be forgive by her boyfriend. It started with a girl sleeping in the late afternoon and woke up in the messy room, where everything was broken. Whatever she wanted to do, it failed and made her even more frustrated. She looked out at the window, seeing butterfly which symbolized her boyfriend. The camera dolly around her and she was outside the room, standing on the road. She chased the butterfly through the town, the market, and ended up fell down on the meadow after jumped across the junks (so random, lol). She tried to catch the butterfly but the more she tried, the more farther the butterfly escaped. The girl felt hopeless and wanted to apologize. Then, she wished for the purple hyacinth filling over the hill because she wanted to give something that the butterfly likes and to be happy with. (and of course, butterflies like flowers.) When her wish came true, she noticed that the meadow surrounded her was vanishing. At the moment, she saw the butterfly coming back in her direction and she was afraid that the butterfly would fly away again if she try to reach it. Her lower part of the body was disappearing as the butterfly came closer. Suddenly, everything went black. The girl was back in her room, smiled with a relief as if she has been forgiven.

And for the second meeting;

I decided to fit everything in the one scene and made it more simpler. I keep the girl, the butterfly, the meadow and the purple hyacinth in the developed story. It started with a girl walking on an empty space which slowly turned into grass. She saw a flower, picked it up and saw the butterfly. She tried to catch the butterfly by using everything that she can find. Then, she tripped and fell down. Lastly, she forced the butterfly by throwing things at and grabbed it. She got conscious and realized that she caught the butterfly and dropped on the meadow that withered along as the flower from before. The butterfly’s wing was hurt. It tried to fly away painfully. The girl wanted to apologize but didn’t know how but let it fly away. Then, it came to the purple hyacinth, butterfly came back, everything disappeared, and ended at the empty space. She was forgiven.

I have many little details in the story such as a shoe-bite on her foot and objects floating while she was falling down, which I decided to take it off from the story due to the design and making it easier to understand.

The design I want to use for background is looked-like watercolor. I will color it in Photoshop.

Next is reference for the girl. I want her to be simple, not full length of real human.

And these reference pictures are for deciding her dress.

Moreover, I drew 3 versions of storyboard for the developed story from the second meeting.
I will upload the third version it in the next post for more explanations.