In this 3rd edit, there are no purple hyacinth and the scene she falls.
It gets much more simple by now and I’m pretty sure that I can do it, maybe slightly, in time. lol

Here’s the 2 and a half pages of edited thumbnail storyboard.
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– For the first 6 boxes, there’s a dull-colored wave appearing after each of her steps.
– She saw the grass and the ground in front of her became a beautiful meadow.
– She picked up the flower and saw the butterfly.
– On the top of the hill, she realized that the butterfly would not come any close to her even if she put the flower closer to her. She began to be curious about it.
– As she walked downhill, she tried to reach for butterfly. At the same time, she forgot about the flower and dropped it when she was going to catch the butterfly.
– She tripped, fell, and lost conscious.

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– She got conscious and saw the meadow has changed to a brownish dried meadow.
– Then, she realized that she caught the butterfly but her face turned to pale because she just knew that she had hurt the butterfly.
– The butterfly couldn’t fly anymore. The girl saw the wind blew the leaves away. She decided to put the butterfly on the flower from before. Then, each petal slowly floated and lifted up the butterfly up in the air. Holding by the wind, the butterfly eventually can fly again.
– On the  last two boxes is when the girl remembered that she hurt the butterfly and it became like a wound in her heart. She was afraid that she would hurt it again. So she held her hand back.

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– The butterfly had no fear to her now, like it forgave her, and flied near the girl slowly and gently landed on the palms
– The girl smiled with a relief. She started to got up and walked back where she came. This time, there was no the wave anymore.


There are a lot of inner message as I’ve told you in the beginning.
I’ll explain each one by the following lists;

Metaphor/Inner message of this story;
– Dull-colored waves, it’s like a bad attitude/personality and unhappiness of the girl. Each step, that she has taken, made she blue.
– Her shoes is for her path of life.
– Shoe-bite on her feet symbolizes that “walking on the path makes her life painful/not the right path”.
– Taking off her shoes is to walk away from the old path.
– The meadow: Her feelings/ the result of actions
– Flower : relationship/ things that hold two persons together
– Butterfly : a lover/ a friend
– Walking uphill: her life is getting better
– On the top of the hill is where everything reaches its intersection/peak. What will happen next depends on the next action.
– Walking downhill: Her life was getting worse/ She chose the wrong decision.
– Catching the butterfly : Want something so badly/ Cross one’s line/ Shorten the space between two.
– Butterfly flies away: it can feel of something has changed/ something unreliable/ unsteady/ not constantly
– Dried/ Withering meadow:  everything is sorrow.
– Injured butterfly is like one’s feeling that has been hurt.
– Petals float by the wind: The girl apologizes/ let it go, no desire of controlling others.
– Back to the shoes: she thought that this path was not where she belonged, so she turned back where she came.
– Butterfly landed gently on her hands: Forgiven.
– Relief smile: Happy to be forgiven.
– Walking back without dull waves:  Learned what just happened and won’t let it repeat its history.


Next post will be about the character design! :)