This post is about my thesis’s sketches and concept arts of the girl.

The following picture is “THE GIRL” that I’ve already colored and sketches of her attitudes.
The dots of color on the left is a color swatch for the girl.

A bigger image of colored one.

The tone that I use in this time is a bit dull than other characters of mine. One of the reason is I want to make the audience feel about her like she is not that hyper or energetic person when they look at her. It is the feeling as she has some disappointments or displeasure things in her life.
Her hair has two different color; one is like a cinnamon color and another one is cream which refers to cat’s ears.

For the meadow in a concept art, I use one of the Doraemon The movie’s shot as a reference. This is from Doraemon The Movie: The New Record of Nobita – Spaceblazer (2009).

I have two concept arts for different scenes. One is when she was going into the meadow and other is when she lay on the withered meadow.

However, I accidentally inverted the color of the skin and it became like this.

I asked many people what they think about it and most of them said that it looks more interesting. I agree with them and decided to create a dark skin girl for my thesis ! XD

she seems more depress, doesn’t she?

I’ll continue the color style of animation in the next post !