For the edited “Purple Hyacinth”, I didn’t come up with a new title at that time.
(Yes, I posted this about 2 weeks late. Sorry!)

In the beginning of the story, it is a girl and it always be a girl! The reason is I think it is better when I use a girl to express feelings in a beautiful story. It’d probably be strange if I use a boy crying after chasing for a butterfly.
… It’s just too weird.

The following pictures are an earlier design of the characters.

THE GIRL (who doesn’t have a name) & THE BUTTERFLY

At first, I thought that I would use a black color for her hair but I won’t just paint it black.
I’ll paint it like a soft black; grey, dark brown, dark blue, or else.
I tried to draw many kinds of human proportion for the girl such as 2 1/2, 3, and 4.

(reference picture which I think it looks similar to my idea)

I want to play a little bit on her long hair. If it’s flown by the wind, it would be like a drop of water.
But then, again, it’s too complicated. I should keep it simpler but has more uniqueness.

I still don’t have a certain cloth for her. Here are some designs for it :)
Because I want it to look flutter and soft like a wave, I tried to find as many references as I can.

And draw out some more samples.

I like summer and spring styles of cloth! :D
But I’m still not satisfied with the design now. I’ll work more on it.

Moreover, for the butterfly, I decide to color it blue! So I looked up the reference for a blue butterfly and I found these two kinds of them. Each tone of blue color is beautiful in its own way. I have to have a color test for the butterfly when it’s in the scene and then I’ll decide which one is the most appropriate!

For the next post, there will be a first line test for the butterfly.