We all have seen too many simple long hair girl and it makes me wonder if I can create something that has more uniqueness and attractive to the characteristic of the girl. So I compared long hair (figure #2) with braid hair style (figure #1). However, I sliced the tip of her long hair to make it thinner but sweller around her head :D

of course, my design still don’t stable.

I had a conversation with 3rd year student and got a new inspiration for the girl.
I’d make her hair looks like a big cat’s ear ! Her expressions would be clearer when the hair works as animal’s ears. It goes down when she’s frown and it goes up when she’s happy.

This one looks kinda too chubby. Too healthy for me, hahaha.

Suddenly, I found the perfect dress for her!
I search for it and it’s Swedish fashion in the year of 2008. This is a tulle dress from a clothing brand called Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair.

isn’t it cute? :)

She looks much cuter for me now! So happy with this!

… maybe I should change the feet … ?

NEXT! I’ll post my concept arts and the girl’s facial expressions.